Wilson Tucker

Science Fiction Writer of the 30s, 40s, 50s and Beyond.

 .Wilson's Works

(Dates represented are Published dates)

Science Fiction

The Best of Wilson Tucker (1982)

City in the Sea (1951) 

Ice and Iron (1974)

The Lincoln Hunters (1958)

The Long Loud Silence (1952)

The Man from Tomorrow (Reissue of Wild Talent) (1955)

Resurrection Days (1981) Wilson last published work, to date

Science Fiction Subtreasury (Reissued as Time:X) (1954)

Time Bomb (Reissued as Tomorrow Plus X) (1955)

Time Masters (1953)

Time:X (Reissue of SF Subtreasury) (1955)

To the Tombaugh Station (1960)

Tomorrow Plus X (Reissue of the Time Bomb) (1957)

Wild Talent (reissued as The Man from Tomorrow)  (1954)

Year of the Quiet Sun (1970)

Mystery Books  

Chinese Doll (1946)

The Dove (1948)

Hired Target (1957)

Last Stop (1963)

Man in My Grave (1956)

A Procession of the Damned (1965)

Red Herring (1951)

Stalking Man (1949)

This Witch (1971)

To Keep or Kill (1947)

Warlock (1967)

Short Stories

Abel to Zebra (1953) SF Subtreasury/Time: X & Best of Wilson Tucker

Dick and Jane go to Mars (not published)

Exit (1943) SF Subtreasury/Time: X , Editor's Choice in SF and The Best of Wilson Tucker

Gentleman - The Queen (1942) SF Subtreasury/Time: X

Home is Where the Wreck is (1954) SF Subtreasury/Time: X

Interstellar Way - Station (1941)

The Job is Ended (1955) SF Subtreasury/Time: x and The Best of Wilson Tucker

King of the Planet (1959) The Best of Wilson Tucker

MCMLV (1954) SF Subtreasury/Time: X

MCMLIX (1958)

Miraculous Fluid (1943)

Mountain Justice (see The Mountaineer)

The Mountaineer (1953) (previously Mountain Justice) SF Subtreasury/Time:x

My Brother's Wife (1955) SF Subtreasury/Time: X and The Best of Wilson Tucker

Near-Zero Crime Rate on JJ Avenue (1978)

The Other (1949) Super Science Stories

The Princess of Detroit (1942)

Prison Planet (1942)

The Recon Man (1965)

The Street Walker (1954)

That Mysterious Bomb Raid (1942)

Time Exposures (1979)

To a Ripe Old Age (1952)

The Tourist Trade (1952) As Bob Tucker

The Wayfaring Strangers (1952)

The Visitors (1951)

Voices At Midnight (1951)








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